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Japanese Nature, Hiking and Birding in Japan.Cuckoo [Cuculus canorus ] 

It crosses the sea north Kyushu in japan as a summer bird and from flat area propagates with the grassy plain and the bright forest of the mountain region.
Feature: As for total length approximately 35cm. The body with ash blue color, the underside is a lateral stripe pattern whose black is thin in white,
the tail is long, the tip of the wing has become pointed. Mode of life: The Insecta is eaten mainly. Also " the cuckoo "
bears the egg in the nest of the other bird and can point to parenting there is a habit of the " receptacle egg ", as for the partner,
about 20 types .Furthermore, " the parenthesis - " with as for calling just the male.

Japanese Nature,Cuckoo in Oze.(Oze Swamp)
Oze is famous as nature hiking and birding spot which is the most popular in Japan.
The Numajiri river was dammed up by the eruption of the Mt.Hiutigatake, and tail Senuma was able to do it by it.The circumference is about 7km. Altitude 1,650 m.
The lakefront was dotted with the conisilvae belt or the marshland and peculiar scenery has spread.In a tail Senuma southern coast way, a giant skunk cabbage is seen comparatively till late.
There is a circumference of the northern coast involving some marshlands the circumference of a southern coast while looking at a flower and a Mt.Hiutigatake. A swamp round takes about 2 hours.

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